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         The Let Your Spirit Flow Movement

The LYSF Movement videos aim to inspire solutions of unity for the many problems that plague our world today. They are based on and inspired by the commonalities of our human experiences rather than our differences.

Every day we are exposed to society’s problems; but where are the solutions? The idea behind the projects is to promote a conscious movement of positivity—worldwide that challenges humanity to put prejudice, injustice, and hatred aside and encourages the elevation of justice, love, and acceptance. I believe we as individuals have the power to come together and choose peace, love, and unity.

Visit the Let Your Spirit Flow Movement (LYSF Movement) music video for humanity at

Why your help is needed
If you enjoyed the LYSF Movement video, continue to support the movement so we can continue to produce more conscious awareness videos! Your generous donations will go towards filming, lighting, production, and design equipment, stage props, and travel.

Our goal is to share videos for unity with the world to inspire positive change in the hearts and lives of everyone they touch.

How you can help today
1. Donate what you can, no amount is too small.
2. Share with your family, friends, and associates.

Thank you for your contributions and support.

Let Your Spirit Flow

Four Women

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