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"When a person discovers his purpose in life, his mission
and vision will
become his reality."

-Roy H. Howard, Jr.

"True clarity comes when one first reaches within; then, he may reach out to help others."
--Reina Howard

Relationship Diversity: Mission, Vision, & Purpose

Our mission is to assist people in obtaining self-help solutions to inner challenges and behavioral concerns from past to present relationship interactions by visiting three key points in life:  Where one is, where one has been, and where one wants to be.

Our vision is to place this thought-provoking workbook into communities at large and including independent and private school districts, religious organizations, drug and alcohol programs, law enforcement facilities, work environments, and every criminal and juvenile correctional facility across the country. 

Our purpose is to facilitate a prudent environment in which one feels free to connect to his most inner-self, as Steven Fearing, Group Facilitator and Psychotherapist of Austin, Texas, states so well, “. . . the power to uncover your inner truth . . . an opportunity for healing . . . and you will feel known.  Ultimately, that is all we can hope for with each other, and that is enough.”

Note: Relationship Diversity Program values the well-being of every customer and understands that some may need help outside of the self-help industry; therefore, we will collaborate with other social services and private organizations to give our participants more options to enhance their lives while obtaining a better lifestyle.

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