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"It's All About You"

-Roy H. Howard, Jr. 


Q:  What is Relationship Diversity Program?
A:  Relationship Diversity Program is four powerful workshops: (1) Relationship Diversity (2) Turn Around Dad180 (3) Moms and Memories, and (4) Talk to Me Regardless. Each workshop centers around family and character orientation that identifies and addresses past and present challenges in relationships.

Q:  What is Relationship Diversity?
A:  Relationship Diversity's main objective is to identify and address past and present concerns and challenges within relationships, then provide the tools through RDP workbook, PowerPoint presentations, round table discussions, and other professional services to assist in moving forward to obtain a healthier state of mind and embrace peace within the soul.

Q:  Who can participate in Relationship Diversity sessions?
A:  Anyone.  Ages range from preteen to senior citizens.  Businesses, organizations, churches, youth and adult correctional facilities, self-support groups, and any other groups or individuals who have a need for our services may attend.

Q:  What should I expect from Relationship Diversity?
A:  An environment that facilitates respect for self and others while providing a personal comfort zone to express, openly or inwardly, those concerns or challenges affecting ones present life.

Q:  Is there a charge in attending Relationship Diversity?
A:  Yes, there is a charge for our services.  It will depend on the contract agreement.

Q:  Will there be material distributed in the workshop?
A:  Yes, work study material will be given to each participant.  Also, we have created a mind-probing, fun, solving game - "The Elephant in the Room," in which the winner will be awarded a door prize.

Q:  Location of Relationship Diversity classes to be held?
A: Our main location will be given soon; however, Relationship Diversity Program will travel upon contract agreement to any area in the United States.

Q:  Is there a dress code?
A: Yes, the dress is casual and comfortable.

Q:  Can Relationship Diversity make a difference in a person's life?
A: Yes, it can!  But only YOU can make that change.  Our program has an analytical approach that identifies and addresses individual relationship concerns.

Join us here at Relationship Diversity where making a difference counts!

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