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"Sometimes we observe so much in life that we become blind, selfish, and afraid to share our tragedies and triumphs to help others."   

-Roy H. Howard, Jr. 


"The teacher has shed a lot of light on a lot of dark places in my life and answered a lot of whys I've had for sometimes. I feel that this class and subject not only has helped me but also has helped my relationship with my spouse. I've shared some things with him out of this class that he is also taking into consideration to use and to know himself as well. So, it helped my relationship with my spouse."
- L. Wilburn, Lockhart Women's Facility, Texas Prison

"I think that this is one of the "fewer" classes that they offer here that really should be apart of your I.T.P. Life Strategies is really something that we all need to deal with especially since being incarcerated really disturb you mentally and obstructs the real issues that you have going on with yourself. My overall opinion of this class can be said in one word..."Super"...I've really enjoyed this class."
- W. Washington, Lockhart Women's Facility, Texas Prison

"I had one of the most insightful, emotional conversations I've ever had with anyone last night. Kind of like the talk a father & son would have as sort of like a passing of the guard. I fully appreciated it coming from him and it's probably something that sticks in my head for quite a while."
- J. Matthew, Cap- De- Ville, Point Fortin Trinidad

"This workbook has power - the power to uncover your inner truth. Roy Howard's therapeutic poems are an opportunity for healing. Recite them aloud, process your thoughts and feelings where one or more is gathered. Your relationships will be deepened and you will feel known. Ultimately, that is all we can hope for with each other, and that is enough."
- Steven F., Group Facilitator and Psychotherapist, Austin, Texas

"I wanted to tell you how much I liked your book - its wisdom, beauty, sensitivity, insightful and useful exercises and tools, and your gift of love that's present in every word. I pray that God showers you with many blessings for your work."
- Sharon E., Bridges to Diversity, Charlotte, North Carolina

"This workbook not only offers a deeper look into one's innermost thoughts and feelings-- it also allows for one to express themselves fully to others. What a true gem when teaching youth about how to begin, maintain and move on from relationships."
- Sada M. J., Founder of Ashe Arts Institute, Dancer, Austin, Texas

"Excellent self reflection tool! Thought provoking! This workbook reminds us their is more to the  "Person" then what we see through our eyes."
- Michael G., Staff Chiropractor, Central Texas Veterans Health Care System, Austin, Texas

"Dear Roy,

Thank you for writing, and for your service to our country. Our Nation has made enormous progress in race relations over the past few decades. I’ve witnessed it in my own life. However, distrust still exists between too many police departments and communities of color. When any part of our American family doesn’t feel fairly treated, that’s a problem for all of us—it means we are not as strong a country as we can be . . .  We may not solve every problem or tear down every barrier of mistrust overnight, but by working together and addressing our challenges in the open space of democracy, we can make things better.


Barack Obama"

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